Ariynyth is an elf rogue, infamous for her skills as a master thief. Once a member of the Thief's Court, she now uses her abilities to steal from those who can afford to give to the poor (preferably other thieves), and only keeps just enough for herself in order to survive.


Early Life

Raised by her father and his kin, Arieti (named by her parents for her silver eyes) grew up among the woodland elves in the treetops of Cordetharo. As an elfling she loved listening to her father's songs and tales of adventure, and quickly fell in love with the world that lay beyond the forest's borders. Always a restless child with a penchant for mischief, and twitchy fingers, Arieti had no interest in learning the ways and customs of her father's people, and instead saw life in Cordetharo as simply biding her time until she was of age to set out and have adventures akin to the ones she’d heard in her father’s songs much to the ire of  her community.

Watching his daughter’s restlessness wreak havoc on the quiet community Renaer saw no other choice but to send Arieti out into the world on her own. He hoped after a few weeks of seeing what the world was really like she would return with a greater appreciation for their way of life. It never occurred to him that the day he sent his daughter off to forge her way in the world, would also be the last day he’d see her again.


Travelling East of Cordetharo with little more than the pack on her shoulders, Arieti made it all the way to the Port town of Greymont before the meagre sum of money given to her by her father ran out. Life in Greymont was unlike anything she’d experienced before, the people were as hard and bleak as the grey stone walls surrounding the city, and just as salty.  Without a coin to her name, nor any trade to fall back on to earn her keep, Arieti had three choices. Whoring. Thieving. Or, she could accept defeat and return and make a life for her in Cordetharo. So, she put her childhood love for mischief to good use by picking the pockets of the local drunks as they staggered out of the tavern after a night of drinking.

Once she mastered, and got bored of, pick pocketing the drunk Arieti graduated to working crowded market squares. It was there she earned the attention of Donneric Klivain, a human master thief and senior member of the Thief’s Court, when she not only successfully picked the pocket of his young elf apprentice Aellan (later he would change his name to Tahlvin), but also managed to relieve him of his coin purse as well.  Donneric and Aellan tracked Arieti to the inn where she rented a room. Impressed by the young thief’s skill Donneric offered her a deal – return his coin purse and he would train her to join the Thief’s Court.

The following morning, before the sun had come up, Donneric and Aellan were on the road to the next city, with their purses returned and a new member in their company.

Apprenticeship to Donneric Klivaine

Arieti quickly adapted to life with Donneric, who only had two rules: never steal from a fellow thief, and don’t get attached – to people, places or things.  As a result of his second and most important rule they never stayed in a city for long, just long enough to get to know the physical and social lay of the land. Then they’d plot their heist, execute it, and escape before anyone realized what happened.

With Donneric, Arieti and Aellan learned the skills essential to their trade, and that what set apart a master from a common street thief was their ability to blend in with any setting, from a crowded tavern in the city slums to the dance floor of a Grand Duke’s masked ball. While Arieti had the raw talent for thieving, picking locks, forgery etc, Aellan was a natural manipulator, and could charm anyone with his silver tongue and raw charisma. Together, under Donneric’s tutelage they were a perfect team.

Somewhere between learning Draconic and picking locks, dance lessons and combat training Arieti and Aellan unwittingly broke Donneric’s most important rule, and fell in love. Not knowing what’d happen if their master found out, they kept their relationship hidden from the world until they were established members of the Thief’s Court, and free from Donneric’s control.

The Thief’s Court

After nearly twenty years together on the road, training and perfecting their craft, Donneric brought his two young apprentices to the bustling city of Inverworth, home to the Thief’s Court.  Once there Arieti and Aellan soon made Court history as the first partnered team to survive and successfully pass the Thief’s Court’s thorough and extreme initiation process.

Ariteti and Tahlvin quickly established themselves within the Guild and started building a life for themselves within the Court, and with each other.

After several decades working in the Thief’s Court Arieti fell into a period of depression. Despite reaching full maturity she still used the name given to her by her father, and while she yearned to shed her child name she struggled to find one that both suited her skills, and her purpose. The longer she and Tahlvin continued working for the Court the more jaded and disenchanted she became with it all.

Finally, after learning of the disastrous effects her last heist had on the poor populations living in Inverworth, Arieti decided it was time to leave the Court behind her. For good.  No matter how she pleaded with Tahlvin, or tried to convince him to leave everything behind, and go with her to start over and make new lives for themselves, he refused, reminding her that even if he did want to leave they couldn’t. Once a member of the Thief’s Court always a member. Only death could release them from the vow of allegiance they swore upon their initiation.

The Death of Arieti

Essentially she robs the Thief’s Court. Is caught while trying to make her escape. Tahlvin ( whose name means blade storm- reflecting his lethal ability with swords and throwing knives) shoots her twice with a cross bow, sending her over the side of a bridge down into the river below… (I’ll class this up later, but it’s late and I want to post this)

The Birth of Ariynyth

Dragging herself out from the river a few kilometres from where she ‘fell,’ Ari treated her wounds at an Inn on the outskirts of town.

Once she was well enough to travel she fled the city and headed North, but not before sharing the spoils from the single greatest heist of her career with the impoverished people of Inverworth.  It was then and there she finally realized her true calling in life, and cemented it by giving herself the name Ariynyth (Silver bringer to the folk).

Good to her word Ariynyth stays away from Inverworth – away from him. But whenever she’s in a busy city with a flourishing guild, she always keeps one ear open for news of Tahlvin. Last she heard he’s well on his way to becoming King of the Court.

But then again, how much are the words of a thief really worth?


“It was because he loved me he shot me. If he truly meant to kill me then he simple would have used a blade, and been done with it.” - Ariynyth, reflecting on the last time she saw Tahlvin

“There was a time when we stole everything. We even stole time, time from our lessons… From work… From sleep… From Donneric.”  – Ariynyth

“It’s worth about as much as a thief’s promise.” – Ariynyth

"We're not going to make it out of this alive, are we?" – Ariynyth

"Damn it, TORDEK!" - Ariynyth