Dagny dal-Erod (Dagny, daughter of Erod) is a nomadic Paladin in the service of Kord, and fighter of renown among his clerics, distinguished for her ferocity.


As a native of the cape Azure, and first born child of a family of sailors and merchants, Dagny was raised on the deck of a constantly moving ship. For the first eight years of her life the concept of dry land as anything other than a momentary pause was a myth.

Just shy of nine years old, catastrophe struck: pirates attacked them at sea, and set her mother's ship on fire, forcing Erod throw Dagny and young Donel overboard, entrusting them to Kord, god of storms. Erod joined his wife Aida in the fight. They were killed, but Dagny set her brother upon a loose plank, and swam.

Days later, delirious with hunger and dehydration, they washed up on the shores of Blackpool, the ancestral port of Lord (NEED A NAME) land. They were indentured as servants for the Lords estate.

Dagny escaped, and was given refuge by a travelling cleric, on his way to join the Itinerant Temple of Kord. The rest is history.

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