Belarusian neo-pagan bonfire 2007

The Inferno is an ancient religion that, according to myth, was founded in by a group of banished humans, looking for revenge against an unknown feudal lord. The basic principles of the Inferno involve bringing back the dead as slaves. Although none have achieved this until Killian Valen.

The Myth

The myth involves a group of tricksters banished from their feudal village after a fireworks prank. The banished returned after years in the dark forests surrounding their village. Some say a witch forced herself on the men, causing them to lose their minds. Years later the men returned to the village and burned it to the ground. A celebration was held afterwards, of which many claim was the first Inferno gathering. Many of the villager were not killed and instead chose to join the Inferno.

The Inferno Today

The Inferno have grown to become more of a political movement under the leadership of Killian Valen.. Their ranks comprise of Orcs, Dwarfs, Gnomes,Humans and rare minority of Elves. Gardale is often the target of attacks, and many of the human population live in fear.