Valen is the former emperor of a nation he called the Inferno, an resurrection of an ancient tribe, of which he believes himself to be a messiah. Valen ruled for 20 years, and his rule is not forgotten by most. He was a advocate of racial integration, which in a heavily human populated area was despised. He was overthrown by a rebellion, and has never been seen since. Although many claim to have seen him in the sewers of Gardale.


Killian grew up in Oshia, and was raised by his uncle. In some text it suggests that his uncle was the one who bestowed upon him the title of Saviour of Fire, the messiah of the Inferno.

He grew up to become a charismatic leader in Oshia, and was eventually thrown out by King Terion, for his rebellious tendencies. Killian vanished but so did his followers, and they prayed upon the human lands. His following became stronger, and Killian killed Queen Dermen of Gardale, he usurped the throne, and ruled with fear.

During the rebellion, Killian's lover an elf named Ilmadia Elmaris was beheaded by the Human circle. Although Killian's forced fought back, the humans managed to overthrow what they believed to be pure evil.


Killian is known to be highly intelligent but also a trickster, his love of playing games his well documented. His recruitment techniques are unmatched and often revolve around a game he has created to earn loyalties. Often tricking his followers.

He is a known practitioner of necromancy and fire elemental. As well as a trained conjurer.

Sacking of Gardale II

After years in exile Killian returned to Gardale with an Orc army, which he had collected from King Corgek of Nuldrod. After an extensive siege on Gardale, Killian was able to destroy Gardale. Ransacking the human circle, creating his very own wasteland in order to make the inferno proud. Queen Francesca's heirs slaughtered, Killian was one final step away from becoming the official ruler.


During the execution of Francesca, Killian was assassinated by what many believe were his law-makers for the upcoming years of his rule. He left no heir to the throne, leaving a broken and battered Gardale.